Fascinating fashion

Everyone knows the big names: Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen. Synonymous with glamour and mastery, their ideas never cease to impress fashion aficionados. Their global renown also reflects the cultural importance of fashion design. However, even the most celebrated designers had to learn their craft before becoming famous with their ideas. The Bachelor’s degree programme in Fashion Design at HTW Berlin provides the necessary practical foundation and the theoretical knowledge — your tools for a career in a multifaceted field of work.

The study programme at HTW Berlin: cutting-edge and diverse

Berlin is the ideal study location for developing your own design ideas. This is reflected not only at the Berlin Fashion Week twice a year, it is also shown by the multitude of young fashion labels. The aim of the Fashion Design degree programme at HTW Berlin is to foster and train your creativity. For example, you will learn about  

• Model design

• Collection concepts

• Fashion visualisation and presentation

• Design theory

• Figure drawing

• Knitting design

• Analogue and digital textile print



You will learn theoretical principles by studying costume history and design theory. Marketing, eCommerce and fashion management round off the study programme and provide you with the necessary basic knowledge of business.

Learn your craft from day one

Fashion Design is not something that can only be learned or practiced in lecture theatres or on the computer. To ensure that you are in contact with the industry in which you will one day work, an 18-week internship before and during your studies is a mandatory part of the study programme. During the pre-study internship you will gain your first impressions of the fashion industry. You will acquire technical knowledge of sewing — an important prerequisite for implementing your own designs during your studies. In the fifth semester you will complete specialist internship, which is more specifically aimed at preparing you for your future profession.