Table of contents

Individual profile

The study programme offers you many options, ranging from artistic or conceptual design through to technical implementation. In addition to acquiring a set of general skills which you will need in many situations, you can also develop an individual profile that precisely reflects your talents and interests. Through student projects, working in interdisciplinary teams and elective modules, you can find out what you excel at and develop your skills and abilities.

What can I choose?

Take a look at the curriculum to see which modules are mandatory and which are electives. You are free to decide how you wish to combine the elective modules. In total you need to choose six modules worth 5 to 10 credit points, of which

  • One module from another study programme can be accredited.
  • Modules from other design study programmes (Industrial Design, Communications Design, Game Design, Clothing Technology/Fabric Processing) can be accredited as Design Practice modules.

The Faculty Committee can additionally decide to offer further modules within the learning fields or replace existing modules offered.

Semester abroad

The sixth semester is intended as a mobility window for a university semester abroad or in Germany. As elective modules are part of the study programme, you have the flexibility to take modules at a university abroad.



Interdisciplinary projects

As part of an elective module, you can complete an interdisciplinary project which is open to students from different study programmes in the third semester. Subject to available places, you are also permitted to complete an interdisciplinary (or macro) project worth at least five credit points offered by other faculties of HTW Berlin.