Knitting Lab

short description

Long gone are the days when knitted fashion was associated with jumpers knitted by your granny. Famous fashion designers have since transformed knitted clothing into a highly fashionable art. In the knitting design lab, you will be introduced to the production process for knitting design and the use of industrial knitting yarns. You will learn to work with knitting machines and how to develop knitted fabrics and shapes. You will then create knitted models using CAD. You will be able to implement your design ideas in the form of work samples and models. The spectrum ranges from knitting experiments through to work results in line with industry standards.

Key focus areas

  • Techniques of flat knitting fabric and shape design
  • Experience with using industrial knitting yarns
  • Knitting-specific model and pattern design
  • Typical processing practices
  • Using CAD-based design to implement coloured patterns and structures


Campus Wilhelminenhof | Gebäude A | Räume 108, 109, 110