Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, the application process will be adjusted regularly. If necessary, we will provide all important information here in good time.
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All those who have already filled in the questionnaire, please do so again.

Due to a technical problem, the old questionnaire is no longer accessible. We have created a new questionnaire!

+++ Consultation appointments for portfolios - Zoom +++

Due to the many enquiries, we are again offering you appointments for portfolio consultation.

++++++ Update - Current guidelines for the aptitude test++++++

The current homework assignment will be published here at 25.03.2022.

Please read the following information carefully.

In an applicant online questionnaire you will first enter your personal data and at the end you will receive a link and password to upload your documents.

You can access this questionnaire here from 08.04.2022!

Deadline for the digital submission of your application documents (upload) is 06.05.2022.

For the admission to the Bachelor's programme Fashion Design at the HTW-Berlin no pre-study internship is necessary!
However, design and processing skills are a great advantage.

General information:

In the Bachelor's degree programme in Fashion Design, admission to the degree programme is made dependent on passing an additional aptitude test in accordance with the University Regulations of HTW Berlin (HO) in their currently valid version. The regulations for determining the aptitude for the course of study (aptitude test) for the Bachelor's course of study in Fashion Design are listed.

Please send any questions to:

The following is part of your application:

  1. Simply digitise and submit your portfolio, photograph or scan your 20 best works (at least three figurative representations and/or nude drawings should be included) together with the pages from your sketchbook (see homework) and upload them as PDF files (file size max. 50 MB).

    You will be asked to enter a name for the upload link. For this you use: Lastname_Firstname_MDBa2021 (Please remember, no special characters). This name will then be used to generate the file folder in which your subsequent uploads will be saved.
  2. Please add the following pages to the digital portfolio:
    On the first page, a cover page with your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number.
    On the second page, the completed application for admission to determine your study-related aptitude (see application form).
    On the third to last page, a short curriculum vitae (german, english)
    On the penultimate page, please write down what sustainability in fashion means to you (german, english)
    On the last page, a sheet with the written declaration that the submitted work comes from you (incl. signature)

  3. So that we can get to know you personally, please also send us a short video clip in which you briefly introduce yourself and answer a few of our questions. The video can be recorded with a mobile phone and should be no longer than 1 minute (file size max. 150 MB).

    As file name you use: Name_FirstName_DateofBirth_VD.*

    * .mp4, .avi, .mov (again, please do not include special characters in the file name).

  4. Content of the video:
    • Name
    • What is your motivation for studying fashion design? And why at the HTW ?
    • Where do you see your strengths in relation to studying design?
    • Where do you see your future in the fashion industry?Do you have creative role models, if so which ones and why?
    • You can send us your data from the day we publish the upload option on this website.

Information on admission to studies at the HTW:

You will then receive an email from us directly in a timely manner stating whether you have passed the aptitude test and can complete the further admission process to obtain a place in the winter semester 2022/23. 

If there are more applicants eligible for admission to the Bachelor's degree programme in Fashion Design than there are places, then the places will be divided equally according to the average grade of the university entrance qualification (Abitur, Fachabitur) and the waiting period. 

The procedure for determining aptitude for a specific course of study or for determining special artistic and creative talent is carried out twice a year. The next aptitude test will then take place again in October/November.

Register online for studies

If you have passed the aptitude test, it is necessary that you register (enrol) for the degree programme via the HTW Berlin online portal by the deadline of 15 January (start of degree programme for the summer semester) or 15 July (start of degree programme for the winter semester). This applies to everyone, regardless of the country in which the higher education entrance qualification was acquired (no application via uni-assist for international applicants).

Further information can be found on the following website:

The above-mentioned deadlines are cut-off dates - it is not possible to enrol for the degree programme at a later date. Enrolment is only possible via the 

online application procedure