General information for applicants

In the Bachelor's degree programme in Fashion Design, admission to the degree programme is made dependent on passing an additional aptitude test in accordance with the University Regulations of HTW Berlin (HO) in their currently valid version. The regulations for determining the aptitude for the degree programme (aptitude test) for the Bachelor's degree programme in Fashion Design are listed. If, after the determination of the course-related aptitude, there are more applicants eligible for admission to the Bachelor's degree course in Fashion Design than there are places, then the places are allocated in equal parts according to the average grade of the higher education entrance qualification (Abitur, Fachabitur) and according to the waiting period. 

The procedure for determining aptitude for a specific course of study or for determining special artistic and creative talent is carried out twice a year.

The procedure is divided into the following sections 

(+++ Attention +++ adapted to digitalisation during the Corona pandemic)

  • Application for admission to determine study-related aptitude (see application form)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Application portfolio with self-made work samples (see portfolio submission)
  • Letter of motivation (in the current application procedure: short video clip)
  • Results of a homework assignment (creation of a specific sketchbook)
  • Aptitude test with various creative tasks - (in the current application procedure purely digital)
  • Interview (in the current application procedure NO personal interview)