Unconcluded | futuristic

Sports-Streetwear Collections

Collection Concept 1 / Fashion Design Department BA (HTW-Berlin)

Develop a contemporary  sports-streetwear collection 
Theme: | UNCONCLUDED | #future #function #hybrid #monochromatic
Trends: | Urbanisation | Climate Chance | Sustainability | new Silhouettes

Course contents
Learning outcomes / expectations:
In this main project you develop your first own collection based on sports / streetwear. New processing, material, function and performance. 
Based on the luxury market, a futuristic, avantgarde and at the same time extremely contemporary interpretation of form, function, volume and layering emerges. 
Women; Men or unisex. 
But the colour scheme is more or less monochromatic!

In addition, the branding and visual characteristics of the brand itself, logo, icon's, label, hangtag, communication.
New must-have from hybrid styles developments, new volumes, asymmetrics and contrasts between tight vs. far, big vs. small etc. play just as big a role as new materials, combinations and manipulation to these.

There are intermediate presentations for all substeps of the thesis. 
The module CAD fashion 1 can be combined with the module KK1. 
The layout of the final portfolio incl. grading therefore takes place in CAD fashion 1.

Julia Damasiewicz

Portfolio [PDF]

Lotte Hirsch

Portfolio [PDF]

Kristin Amendt

Marlina Lass

Portfolio [PDF]

Aimée Singh

Anna Weithenauer

Brandbook [PDF]