Kollektionskonzept 3 - Menswear

NEW formal – NO formal contemporary menswear-sportswear

What does masculinity mean in 2021? 
How does a „mo-dern man“ dress himself? 
How does he want to feel? 

Within Reddits largest men’s fashion community, pictures of Sebastian Vermeeulen in a skirt went viral. In February 2021 he spoke to the magazine Men‘s Health about the change of menswear: „Men around the world have started looking for ways to express their identity more accurately and openly, and that means thinking out-side the box.“ 
Undoubtedly, there is currently a shift happening regarding menswear. 
The traditional interpretation of masculinity seems outdated, too rigid and even toxic. 

For us it is essential to shape this shift and to actively think outside of the norm.
Grasping this current “Zeitgeist” while encompassing social dynamics and trends was a clear objective to us, we saw a necessity in changing those social norms. 

With our clothes and the concepts behind them, we would like to offer a less conventional way of dressing. Since the majority of our collective identifies as female and has predominantly designed womenswear prior to this project, creating menswear 
was a challeenge at first. 
The same goes for the current circumstances of the german Covid-19 regulations 
which limited some of our options and made room for more creative solutions.

In this self-edited issue we students, approaching our bachelor thesis, 
expressed the topic at hand from our personal lenses. Through the following pages, experience our collective perspective from varying points of views. 
We fought a battle against toxic masculinity. 
Played a game of cards with clichés, stereotypes, and prejudice. 
We looked at men as characters on stages, and saw to which extent they were transfigured by the spotlight. The two-dimensional shadows they threw, sent us on an artistic trip into the realms of cubism. 
With athletic ambition - torn between individualism and collectivism - we traveled through time and space, on a journey towards self development.

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Beatrice Bär

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Marie Fuchs

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Charlotte-Christin Guder

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