BA-Arbeit Ambiguous

Bachelorarbeit - Ambiguous: A Collection About Adoption and the Sense of Belonging - Lucio Paulo Puwalla - 2021

Being adopted is a curse and a blessing at the same time. At a certain point in their lives, adoptees will get confronted with questions that will leave them with even more questions. Not knowing who you are can leave traces of depression, uncertainty, and lack of self-esteem. It feels like something is missing inside of you, it’s like a missing puzzle piece for the picture to become whole. The thought behind the collection is the desire of the designer to find answers to his biography. He imagined going on a trip, maybe alone, maybe with people that he just met, who are also adopted and have little knowledge about themselves and decide to find those missing puzzle pieces together. They pack their bags and only take what’s necessary. They don’t know where the journey ends, but they know where to start